About Volunteering at CADES

Volunteers at CADES are one of our greatest resources. By sharing their talents and expertise, they help us with special projects, events and daily classroom learning, which benefit everyone here at CADES. Volunteers provide harmonious voices, skillful hands, and a sense of family in the lives of the people we serve. Our dedicated volunteers come from colleges, high schools, families, friends and neighbors to open worlds, provide perspective, engage and enhance the experiences of our individuals.

The value of our volunteers is without measure.

We are deeply grateful for every hour our volunteers decide to spend with us.

“Thank you for letting me work with your students. I had a great time with them and I have to say that it is inspiring watching you and your staff members work together, too.

– Jeanne Q., Volunteer

“There’s a lot of love there. When you talk about ‘feel the love’, you can feel it at CADES. You can feel the passion, compassion, and dedication. You can feel it. There’s no question about it.’

– Swarthmore Rotary Club Member

Volunteering enriches the lives of all who experience it. When we reach across generations, across cultures, and across abilities, we enrich the lives of the givers as well as the receivers.

We invite people in our community to take a closer look at CADES—walk our halls, meet our staff, and see how we empower those we serve to find the promise in each life. Something special is going on in here. Come inside and be a part of it.

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