CADES offers a continuum of high quality, supportive services for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities.

About Early Intervention

Early Intervention at CADES is where it all begins. Working with families who have very young children – often infants who have just received a diagnosis – CADES is here to offer information, services, and social connections. We know that this can be an overwhelming time in the life of many families. Just listening and caring are among the most important first things we do.

At CADES, our widely recognized Early Intervention Program is composed of three distinct smaller programs: the Infant & Toddler Program, the Preschool Program, and the Mom’s Morning Out Program. Together, these programs cover ages ranging from infancy through age 6. Our programs are based on Pennsylvania’s model of Early Intervention. The guiding principles and practices of our model include:

  1. Children learn from everyday interactions with familiar people, places, experiences, and routines. Our Early Intervention team helps families recognize and facilitate this learning.
  2. Early Intervention supports are individualized for each child and family.
  3. Early Intervention plans and outcomes reflect the family’s priority for their child, and the interests of their child.
  4. The Early Intervention team consults with the family, identified caregivers, and/or early education practitioners to ensure that supports and services are coordinated, comprehensive, and successful.

Please click here for the Early Intervention Family Resource Guide.

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