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A Family Perspective ...

Families are at the core of what we do at CADES. We use a family-centered approach in our programs and foster a close-knit relationship with all our families. 

My daughter attended CADES Mom’s Morning Out preschool from age 18 months to 5 years old.  What I liked about CADES was the flexibility of the program.  I also loved that everyone who works there really liked what they are doing.   I liked watching my daughter develop.  She was always being cultivated in a special way.  They had Music, Art, and French. Sometimes you just drop your kid at daycare, but that is NOT the case at CADES, they are always up to something new!  My daughter always had so much fun.  The program stresses inclusivity which has served my child into first grade at her public school – complete acceptance and love of every human being no matter their abilities. 

J.R. - parent

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