early intervention programs
early intervention programs


CADES Early Intervention Services

CADES Early Intervention offers a variety of family-centered services in Delaware & Chester Counties. Our team of Therapists and Specialized Instructors empower parents and caregivers to facilitate early education and learning within the context of their natural settings and daily activities. Our team is dedicated to providing quality services to families and children utilizing a coaching approach to engage families in the process of sustained growth of critical developmental milestones for our youngest children, ages birth to three years.

Coaching is a partnership with families and other caregivers that include five research-based practice characteristics: joint planning, observation, action/practice, reflection and feedback that assists families in identifying and assemble resources in support to the family’s well-being.


Early Intervention Services


CADES offers services in the following areas and more. 

  • Special Instruction:
    Our Early Intervention Specialists design learning environments and activities to promote each child’s acquisition of skills in a variety of developmental areas including cognitive processing and social interactions. Our Special Instructors utilize activities that support critical thinking, problem-solving and curiosity through supported engagement within typical daily routines. Our coaching approach provides families with the tools needed to carry over specially designed strategies into all aspects of daily life.
  • Occupational Therapy:
    Our Occupational Therapists utilize a holistic approach with young children and their families that emphasizes functional activities of daily living that include routines embedded in mealtime, play, rest, and social engagement. Each therapist supports the parent/caregiver process utilizing a blend of sensory integration and developmental approaches to learning and discovery.
  • Speech Therapy:
    Our Speech-Language Pathologists blend therapeutic and play based activities to assist parents and caregivers to promote the use and understanding of communication during daily interactions. Our SLPs teach parents critical skills to enhance sound production, facilitate the use of gestures and expand each child’s ability to communicate thoughts and ideas about the world around them. Speech Therapy also focuses on areas of hearing, cognition, feeding/swallowing as well as the use of assistive technology.
  • Physical Therapy:
    Our Physical Therapists use their knowledge of skills related to the development of motor skills to promote independence gained through sitting, walking, climbing and endurance. Activities promote improved balance, movement and support each child’s exploration while engaging parents and caregivers to lead activities that encourage movement and exploration. Our Physical Therapists assist families with adaptive equipment as needed.
  • Interpreters:
    CADES community values cultural diversity and respects every family’s desire to teach their primary language. We offer interpretation to bridge the learning between our team and the family. Interpreters ensure understanding by answering questions and communicating all aspects of the early intervention process.

Joanne Calderoni, Director of Early InterventionJoanne Calderoni, Director of Early Intervention

Children who are eligible for the CADES  Early Intervention Program should be:

  • Ages birth to three years
  • A resident of either Chester County, PA or Delaware County, PA

CADES Early Interventionists embed strategies into every day routines to support developmental milestones including:

  • Language & Communication skills
  • Social interactions with peers, adults, & toys
  • Movement skills: rolling, sitting up, crawling, walking, climbing & running
  • Hand use in daily routines
  • Daily care routines & feeding

Do you have questions about your child’s development?

Call us today at 610-328-5955. We would love to speak with you about how CADES Early Intervention can help your family. 

*Please provide the following information and someone from CADES will respond to you with more information about CADES Early Intervention Program.


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