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I want to ___________________________:

  • have a fundraiser, including asking people to donate money or items, or asking people to purchase something that benefits CADES, or uses the CADES name or logo;
  •  host or attend an event on behalf of CADES, including but not limited to shows, luncheons, holiday shops, or other events, either new or already traditionally established; or
  • communicate on CADES behalf including things like hanging signs on, in or around the CADES property, creating and sending home flyers or other paperwork, creating and distributing invitations or programs for things like graduation or events, or other written communications.
If you are doing any of these things, please CLICK HERE!  Tell us a little bit about your ideas and we will provide supports that are aligned with the CADES branded experience for our stakeholders.

Stop in and say hi whenever you are up on the second floor! We love visitors. 
-Jessie & Joy, the Development Department

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