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Issue 7: February 8, 2021


Dear Friends and Family,

Last Wednesday 114 staff from across CADES joined together (virtually) for a full day of learning, working and building relationships as we roll out our shared vision toward Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) throughout the CADES community. Designed and facilitated by CADES employees who leaned into their vulnerability and lead their co-workers into waters many of us have never truly swam in before, the day was a resounding and rewarding success for those who participated. It filled me with much needed hope and warmth often missing in these Pandemic times.

The morning program focused on workplace diversity and individual identity. We moved in and out of small and large groups learning about each other and what we identify with personally. The afternoon session included a video screening with follow-up discussion that each person chose based on their interest. The video options were moving and provided for meaningful introspection and learning with the support of our small groups.

If you are interested in learning more, participating in planning, facilitating or joining future sessions, please let us know. We are on a journey and we welcome all the company we can get. If you have interest about the videos that were viewed please check them out below:

→ Morning session (all staff)

Pixar’s Purl Ball

→ Afternoon session

Race Matters: America in Crisis

As the United States grapples with widespread unrest after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, our fraught national relationship with race is again in the spotlight. How can we move forward from this moment? PBS NewsHour believes we should begin the conversation by listening to black Americans. For that, we turn to a variety of grassroots voices, newsmakers and thought leaders.

White Like Me

Anti-racist educator Tim Wise explores race and racism in the US through the lens of Whiteness and white privilege. Tim Wise doesn’t claim to be an expert on race, and credits people of color with much of what he knows about racism, but he does believe that his white skin gives him an advantage when it comes to talking about white privilege. 

A Class Divided

Jane Elliott’s, “a class divided” – teaching how racism is engrained in 1968.

→ A selection of Ted Talks:

Interview with the founders of Black Lives Matter

The Danger of a single story

Color Blindness or Color Brave

Julie Alleman


    • Vaccine Update: Last week began “Round 2” for staff who are receiving their vaccine, and the majority of our CLA residents are not far behind with their second clinic date scheduled for next Monday, February 15th!

      As many of us prepare for our second dose of the vaccine, I would like to share what I am hearing and reading:

      DO: Hydrate with water and drinks with electrolytes (Gatorade, Pedialyte, Powerade) in the 48 hours leading up to your shot.
      DO: eat a meal before your shot
      DO NOT: take ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) before your shot – but feel free to take some afterward.

      No matter what, get the second shot! Side effects are a natural part of the vaccination process. When hit with the second shot our immune system recognizes the invader and this time it takes it even more seriously. Uncomfortable though it may be, side effects are evidence that our immune system is ready to fight. Prepare in advance, the symptoms will be temporary and will likely improve within 24-48 hours. 

      Facilities Update: This month the facilities department is working with our Development Director, Jessie Robinson, to apply for the Pennsylvania 5310 Grant for the 2021-2022 year. This state grant provides 80% funding to nonprofit programs who, as part of their programs, transport individuals with disabilities. Each year this grant helps to defray the cost for at least 3 new vans and buses.


  • First Apartment! CLA’s newest resident, Kayla, has recently moved into her new condo at Crum Creek. She’s super excited for her first apartment and can’t wait to meet her housemate, Brittney who is moving in this week!

  • Ladies Night in at Longwood: We all have to adapt to staying in during quarantine, and that’s just what the social ladies of Longwood did! They put their feet up, relaxed and had a “girl’s night in” last Friday- ordering pizza and playing games with balloons and party hats. They had such a great time they plan to do it again this Friday!


  • Valentine’s Day: It is time for some LOVE! The Adult Day program plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day this entire week leading up to February 14! On the 12th, Donna Jones’s karaoke class will be doing love songs. Everyone is asked to pick their own song to sing and dress in pink or red for the day. In Bridget Finn’s virtual cooking class they will be making candy for special people in their lives. Get ready to receive some awesome candy molds!


  • Adapted Toy Drive Progress: In an earlier issue, we mentioned GCMS’ awesome Adapted Toy Drive that is supported with the talents of Temple University’s TechOWL program, an assistive technology program that serves Pennsylvania. The therapy department has received a TON of toys (thank you!) and is working on adapting them for our GCMS students. TechOWL supplied CADES with the switches and battery interrupters and GCMS staff is working to modify the many, many donated items into switch-adapted toys for GCMS students! Originally planned for holiday/New Year gifts, we received so many toys that we are finding a new reason to “gift” in the upcoming weeks. We can’t wait to see how much fun they have with these awesome toys!


  • Coaching Update: Our EI program has been through many changes these past few years, adhering to county standards to change the traditional direct (one-on-one) service model to a coaching one, where therapists are working with families to coach them on meeting the special needs of their young kiddo. COVID has made this new model challenging for our team and our families, but they are making awesome strides! Our EI manager, Andrea Giordano, is attending special training through Delaware County to become an Expert Coach. She will be available as support for all therapists and trainee coaches and they move through this transition! Keep on the lookout for more news about our awesome EI team.


This week, we are highlighting a very special employee, Taneisha Richardson. Taneisha is the House Supervisor at Rose Tree CLA. Taneisha has been with CADES since 2012 and at Rose Tree for the past 5 years. Some parents highlighted the wonderful care that Taneisha has provided to their family members, stressing her kindness and sensitivity when communicating with parents and guardians, and emphasizing her love of organization and sense of order that she brings to the house. One family member mentioned how Taneisha searches recipes in cookbooks to get inspired for meals to make for the Rose Tree residents, just like you would with your own house and family members. One happy parent said that when Taneisha is there, it’s not just a group home, it’s a family.

One parent said specifically:

“Clients and families who are fortunate enough to work with Taneisha truly appreciate her dedication and caring. She really understands the needs of each person and makes every effort to let them know they are appreciated and cared for. Her warm smile and good humor brighten everyone’s day. Families really appreciate Taneisha’s communication, her understanding of their loved one’s needs and her efforts to make them feel happy and safe. She puts the safety and needs of her clients first and also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their home.  During this very challenging time, we feel especially grateful for Taneisha’s dedication, skills and compassion.

We are so happy and proud to have Taneisha with us at CADES- her unwavering care and devotion to the Rose Tree family speaks to our values as an organization and is clearly loved by the parents and individuals at Rose Tree. Thank you and kudos to you, Taneisha!


”When day comes, we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light, If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

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