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Issue 6: January 22, 2021


Dear Friends and Family,

After more than 7 years with CADES, our Chief Financial Officer, Joe Powell, is planning to retire. His formal date will occur once the incoming CFO is successfully transitioned into the role. Joe has been instrumental in the organization’s growth and success, and he has been a trusted steward with the unwavering respect of our external partners and Board of Directors. 

I asked Joe recently what he has enjoyed most about being the CFO at CADES. His response: “It has been my pleasure to work on a team with such selfless staff and share in the joy of service. I enjoyed being rewarded every day in seeing the smiles and the happiness of the adults and children we serve.”

Although bittersweet as we will miss Joe and his steadfast support, we are optimistic and excited to fill this role. We would anticipate our next CFO to have the same vigor, energy and love of service.

Please feel free to share this opportunity with your connections, industry contacts and anyone you know that might find this position of interest. For more information about the qualifications or to send resumes please contact Sandi Montalvo, Human Resource Director at:

Wishing you a warm week ahead!

Julie Alleman


    • CADES Vaccine Clinic – February 13 & 14: we are actively filling 500 slots for the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at our vaccine clinic that will take place in the lower gym on our Rutgers Ave. campus. Stakeholders will be prioritized in the following groups:
      • Group A: GCMS students and Adult Day participants
      • Group B: CADES employees
      • Group C: Immediate family members of CLA residents, GCMS students and Adult Day participants
      • Group D: CADES volunteers; extended family members
  • Vaccination Progress at CADES: The past week has been filled with hope as our staff, the front-line heroes, and CADES CLA residents received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. As of Friday – 89% of our CLA residents and 45% of all CADES employees have participated in the vaccine program. We are collecting data on responses to the vaccine in the hope to educate and encourage even greater participation. Kudos to our heroes!
  • Development: We received a donation in the amount of $2,986 from Fox Roach Trident Charities! This is the third year in a row they are supporting CADES. The donation is designated to serve children and will be allocated to support GCMS Special Projects. Thank you, Fox Roach Trident Charities!



  • Making moves! We welcome Ann and Alan, sister and brother who recently moved to their new CLA home in Levittown.

  • Family visitation to restart: We will be rolling out family visitation plans this week with the goal to begin visits this weekend coming up, January 30 and 31 at CADES Rutgers campus. Details will be emailed to families directly.

  • BIG BIRTHDAY! We would like to wish our friend and CLA resident Ed T. a very happy 70th birthday! Ed has lived at CADES for 23 years and he’s singing his music to everyone’s ears!


  • Family Group Meeting: The next zoom meeting is Wednesday, January 27 at 12 pm! The group will hear from Susan Proulx, Deputy Administrator from OID. To participate, email Debbie Johnson at


  • The Poncho Project: This project came about when staff noticed that GCMS students were wearing winter coats on the bus and were sometimes hot and uncomfortable in their wheelchair by the time they arrived at school. Because our students are not as able to change out of a coat to regulate their temperature as others, GCMS staff saw an opportunity to innovate and help adapt the students’ experience to a more comfortable one. Staff developed a service project with the students’ current pen pals at St. Francis and PALCS, who volunteered to make them ponchos! These will be presented to families as another option as outerwear for their kiddos along with a supply for the classroom for outdoor trips. The ponchos are thin enough that they conform comfortably to their wheelchair and keep the students warm! We’re so proud of our innovative staff and love our pen pals!


David Williams could not have started his employment as a member of the facilities team at CADES at a more interesting time. Onboarded only weeks before the Pandemic hit David has been hands-on since day 1. A quiet, friendly, and helpful presence, David has been a wonderful addition to the team, and he couldn’t have started at a more important time.

Here are some fun facts about David:

  • David is a husband of 28 years to Kia, father of 3 and grandfather of 3
  • He is active in his church and helps with maintenance
  • He is an avid skier and loves to travel
  • He has been to Italy, Dubai, Switzerland, Tahiti, and many Caribbean islands!

When you see David around Rutgers Ave, make sure to say Hello! Rest assured there is always a smile behind his mask.

david williams

”When day comes, we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light, If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

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