CADES: Our Mission and Our Vision

Our Mission ...

CADES is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with intellectual & physical disabilities. We work every day empowering people to achieve their highest potential.

Our Vision ...

Our World is Changing and So Will We – A Vision of the Future We Intend to Create

By 2022 CADES will be a financially strong organization known in Southeastern Pennsylvania as the provider and employer of choice.  We will connect our commitment to a loving, caring approach with a continuum of care that ensures access to a meaningful life for our clients, professional learning communities for all staff and integration with the community that exceeds stakeholder expectations.

Provider of Choice

CADES will be well-known for our success in providing comprehensive, caring services to individuals with multiple disabilities and abilities.  we will measure our success in two ways:

  • Individual progress on indicators of engagement and growth
  • Continuous improvement in quality indicators with a focus on customer service, health, and safety.

Continuum of Care

Our integrated programs will provide meaningful living, learning and social experiences to individuals of all ages with a wide range of abilities.  The foundation of our approach will include communication, mobility, and wellness.

Professional Learning Communities

We will commit to being active participants in our professional development.  CADES commits to providing all employees with opportunities to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional services along our continuum of care.  This commitment will include an integrated model of supervisory coaching and support that will position CADES as an employer of choice in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Integration with the Community

We will work to prepare communities to engage with CADES individuals in ways that maximize the efforts of our continuum of care programming.  We will extend our core value of family-based programming to the community and become the model which other programs seek to replicate.

Exceeding Stakeholder Expectations

Our unwavering commitment to providing a familial atmosphere defines CADES at the core.  We will work collaboratively and respectuflly with all stakeholders – those we support, their families, employees, referral sources, governing bodies and donors- to provide the best CADES experience possible.  We will build positive relationships and experiences that exceed the expectations of individuals and their support teams.

Financially Strong

The future we intend to create requires that we continue to strengthen our financial position.  By 2022, we will improve our operating margin from .8% to .2% or higher.  This financial improvement will allow us to continually invest in our commitment to our mission.

"It's kind of hard to put into words how I feel about you guys and how much you've done for William. We'll be forever and always grateful."

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